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Meowy Christmas to all!

New Product - JINGLE CATS® Plush Toy



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It's all new! The Jingle Dogs® latest hit single "Jingle Bells Dog Mix."  You can check it out here.

Just in time for the holidays, Jingle Cats Music is proud to present 'Binky the Jingle Cat' plush toy now available in the Jingle Cats® online store.

This cute furry feline plush toy sings 'Up on the Housetop,' moves it's head to the music, sings and jingles a jingle bell on it's tail! Also included with the toy is a CD of 10 favorite hits by the Jingle Cats® --including two new songs:

'Here We Come A Caroling/Away in a Manger' (medley) and 'Jolly Old St. Nicholas.'

Find your favorite Meowy CDs, Videos and DVD here. Order online with easy and secure ordering. These are the world famous singing cats whose holiday music has been creating laughter throughout the world. Hey, it's the kind of music cats like to sing.

Are you looking for singing dogs? Well, you've come to the right place. The dogs sing backup on all feline albums and have their very own album, Jingle Dogs® Christmas Unleashed.

The cats have three albums, Meowy Christmas, Here Comes Santa Claws, and their latest album, Rhythm and Mews. The cats began their musical careers with their first album, Meowy Christmas (1993) which became an overnight sensation and was completely sold out at Christmas. If you are still reading this, kudos. The appeal of Meowy Christmas was due, in part, to the fact that the cats that sing the songs are real cats. In addition, the album was sincerely crafted with real instruments and a unique musical style as well as a brilliant (pat here) use of the cat voices which were seamlessly blended with the music. For those who love cats, and there are many, (right on, cat worshippers) this is a joyous Christmas album to be cheered and adored. Meowy Christmas includes the hit singles, Jingle Bells (In the form of the Jingle Cats Medley), What Child is This?/Hava Nagila (also a medley) Oh Christmas Tree (not a medley) , Silent Night, Angels We Have Heard on High, Waltz of the Flowers, Up on the Housetop and much more!!!

The singing cats chorus came back the following year (1994) with Here Comes Santa Claws, which was released by their own record label (Jingle Cats Music) to a much wider audience including the United States, Canada, Switzerland, Germany, Japan and others. The album was also well received. Over two million copies of the Jingle Cats® and Jingle Dogs® and related albums and products have been sold worldwide. Jingle Cats releases are featured prominently at Amazon.com and this web site is listed number one on virtually every search engine on the planet. (There are a few exceptions .au engines and the like)

On with the music, the next album featured woofs and barks and growled onto the scene in December 1995. This was the now infamous Christmas Unleashed, which brought the (strange and) wonderful spirit of the meowy chorus from the first two albums to the dog loving audience. (i.e. "dog people")

Occasionally the cats have been "caught on tape" and as a result, they produced their own video. The much sought after and rarely located Jingle Cats® Video can also be found here. (For the true "jingle meowy" aficionados) They (we) also have a video exclusively for cats entitled CAT TV. Oh yes... and for "baby people" there is a little DVD, Jingle Babies. (Human variety)

The most recent full length album released in December 2002 is entitled Rhythm and Mews and follows in the "grand tradition" of the cats first two albums with delightful arrangements and playful cat harmonies. The cats and dogs continue to be popular and well received throughout the world. (Thank goodness, really)

In conclusion, and without further digression, please feel welcome to browse the web site and listen to the various MP3 selections. All albums are on sale now and can be ordered here online. To delve deeper into Jingle Cats folklore and silliness, click on the cat in the above picture. Merry Christmas, everyone!

*Welcome to the original and world famous Jingle Cats® official website!

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JINGLE NEWS: (December 26, 2005) Russia Channel One network plays Jingle Bells Dog Mix and includes clips from the Jingle Cats and an exclusive interview with the Jingle Cats producer.

JINGLE NEWS: (December 23, 2005) A worldwide Jingle Dogs exclusive performance seen on England's BBC One in a Network Television Special!!!

JINGLE NEWS: (December 6, 2005) Top news agency Reuters highlights worldwide digital video and feature news story about the Jingle Cats and Jingle Dogs!!!

JINGLE NEWS: (December 1, 2005) The Jingle Dogs licensed for ANIMAL PLANET network ids.
Airs in the U.S. December, 2005 All month long.

JINGLE NEWS: (December 7, 2004) The music of the Jingle Dogs barking "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" is featured on a network promo for an ABC TV Network Special:
Charlie Brown "I Want a Dog for Christmas"
The broadcast aired in the U.S. Tue December 14, 2004 8/7c Hear the song now.

JINGLE NEWS: (December 14, 2004) The Jingle Dogs song "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" chosen by ad agency FCB Gnomi (Athens, Greece) for a radio commercial which airs December 16-24, 2004.

JINGLE NEWS: (December 17, 2004) The Jingle Cats and Jingle Dogs have been added to Apple Computer's iTunes store. Find out more...

JINGLE NEWS: (December 22, 2004) The Jingle Cats 'Meowy Christmas' album pounces onto iTunes today's TOP 100 POP ALBUMS chart!

JINGLE NEWS: (December 25, 2004) Merry Christmas to all, each and every one!

JINGLE NEWS: (December 27, 2004) Jingle Cats® toy shows up at Ace Hardware!

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Jingle Cats and Jingle Dogs are now on iTunes

Meowy Christmas to all.Each and every one!